Challenge 88



Our challenge!    I Ate Eight   ⇐ 88 ⇒

Every day of your life try to eat 8 foods from these categories.  Each portion is one point. The ultimate goal will be 240 points in a month.


  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits
  3. Seeds and Nuts
  4. Whole Grains
  5. Legumes (Beans)

You might want to set-up a calendar and a journal to mark your progress and to give you an idea on how you feel.  Make this fun and you’ll will see yourself getting better quickly.

You might start slow with only a handful of 8 portion days and maybe many days with       0 to 7.  Your score might only be around 100 but as you see results you’ll will get more motivated and the scores will increase rapidly.


  • Portions are relatively small, for example, 1 portions is:

♦  1 Med Fruit, 1 cup Berries, 1/4 cup Dried Fruit

♦   12  Almonds or 1/4 (small handful) any Nuts

♦    1 cooked cup of Whole Grain Pasta

♦   Palm of your hand for all Vegetables, 1/2 cup cooked

♦    1/3 cup cooked Whole Grains

♦    1/4 cup Seeds

♦    1/3 cup Beans

♦   3 cups Salad Greens


Your Doing It and Feeling Great!

Add exercise into your journal.  Seeing small progress is exiting and motivating.

Exercise may include:

Walking                                                                                                                                           Biking                                                                                                                                            Interval training                                                                                                                       Strength training                                                                                                                                       Yoga

And much more!

Try to do 30 minutes a day. Keep your statistics on each exercise and journalize them.  You will see amazing progress and gratification.

à It will also remind you on bad days or periods of time when your lacks.  This happens to everyone but the journal gets you back on track quicker.






One Response to Challenge 88

  1. Joejoe says:

    I strongly believe much part of my recovery was due to eating healthier and challanging myself to journal my progress. This kept me accountable and motivated. The progress was also enjoyable.

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