Super Immunity Drink


Super Immunity Drink

This is a great healthy drink but it must be simple to make in order to sustain convenience.  I buy the fruit frozen and in bulk from box stores like Costco.  I buy the seeds and nuts in bulk from natural food stores like Whole Foods or Mustard Seed. I use fresh fruit in season.

For the greens, I buy fresh kale and spinach. Clean and pull the kale leaf away from the heavy stem part and roughly chop. Steam kale and spinach separately for approximately for 3 minutes.  Let cool.  I then bag them separately in a Ziploc bag or any freezer bag. Flatten them out and store in the freezer.

With kale, you can loosely lay out on a sheet pan and put in the freezer for a couple hours.  Afterwards bag in a Ziploc bag.  This makes it easier to portion later.

You can use all my ingredients or experiment with the ones you like.  Try to cover some of the most important food groups of green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruits.

I buy fresh bananas and just when they start to brown spot, I peel them and freeze in a freezer bag.

I start with a container or pitcher, and add these ingredients, and let soak and soften for a couple hours or overnight.

2 TBS raw sunflower seeds

1 TBS raw pumpkin seeds

1 TBS chia seeds

1 TBS flaxseeds

3 TBS raw almonds

3 TBS raw walnuts

6 pitted dates

2 cups almond or soymilk

2 cups water


The next step is to add the frozen and or fresh fruit into a container.    

1/2 cup blueberries

1 cup strawberries

1/2 cup pineapple

1/2 cup mixed berries

1/2 cup mango chunks

1 frozen banana

1 fresh red delicious apple


Then I break off about a 2 by 2 inch piece of spinach and kale from the freezer.  Add this to the drink. Blend everything together until smooth.  You might have to add water if it gets to thick.  Adjust to your liking.

I blend all this in a Nutribullet Rx.  These types of appliances are worth the investment.  This recipe will make about 8 glasses.  Store in tight containers and refrigerate for up to 4-5 days.

I realize this may be a lot to take in.  I assure you, it becomes easy once you’ve done it a few times. Try to drink a 16 oz. glass every day.  You are going to feel the difference!               Believe Me…


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